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Burren Balsamics

Balsamic Vinegar Taster Gift Box

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The Burren Balsamic Taster Gift Box consists of a trio of vinegars that makes the ideal Burren taster box or the ideal gift for someone special. There is a number of different flavour combinations to choose from. (3 x 50ml)

The Mixologist:  Irish Cherry, Citrus and Blood Orange & Cardamom

The Classics: Original, Irish Cherry, Armagh Bramley Apple

The Gourmet:  Truffle, Blackberry and Thyme and Original White Balsamic

Salad Box: Wild Garlic, Beetroot & Cocoa Nib, Original

Sauce Box: Tarragon, Truffle, Blackberry & Thyme

Fish Box: Citrus, Blood Orange & Cardamom, Wild Garlic